2 Year Warranty

Warranty Information:

We are completely confident that the products we sell will last the distance. So confident in fact, that we offer a free 24 month warranty.

When you purchase from us we will fill out the product serial number information and register your purchase and as an added bonus we will subscribe you to the Driving Sounds Club.

Not only will you get the peace of mind from having an extra 12 months of warranty cover but you will also receive a monthly bulletin brimming with news and views offers and competition prizes as well as a monthly top five tunes the team at Driving Sounds Magazine think you should be listening to in your car!

Please note: All UK genuine Audison products can enjoy a two year warranty (Three Years if we install it) Other imported products have to go back to country of origin whilst within their guarantee period (usually 12 months). 

Sometimes extreme audio discounts on eBay and Amazon from Germany or other parts of Europe look like a good idea until you need help and support. We are part of the UK Four masters group of specialist dealers and if you purchase from us not only will your product have its serial number registered to verify origin but you will enjoy two years of first class  warranty. If you are away and need help any Four master dealer will provide you with a free service.

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